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At Limbo Studios Inc., we're always thinking about new things!

Limbo Ads

Limbo Ads is our ad network that allows you to advertise ours on sites. We offer custom CPM, geotargeting and device targeting. Learn More

Limbo Studios Inc Hub

Limbo Studios Inc Hub is a list of all of our domains. We also use the domain for some of our other services & projects.

Limbo Search

Project limbo search is a search engine with customisation. Visit Limbo Search


Our first item ever sold was an eBook. Since that first sale we have sold over one hundred twenty-five thousand seven hundred eBooks. Visit our store

Limbo Link

Limbo Link is a lot like other link shorteners except we have more features. Features like QR codes, passwords on links, geotargeting, privates links, three different types of links redirection direct, inframe, or splash, great stats telling you how many clicks, top countries, referrers and even how many social shares your link has and best of all the ability to earn money. Limbo Link is 100% free. You can upgrade to Ad-free.

Limbo Cash

In December 2021 we launched Limbo Cash. Allowing users to hold and stake Limbo Cash with the possibility of getting a cut of our revenue in the form on USTD.

About Us

About Limbo Studios Inc.

We Are Limbo Studios Inc.

We were founded on September 2nd 2014 by Cody Fogg. We were founded as a media company. Since our foundation we have grown and expanded our business beyond media.

  • Limbo Search55%
  • Project LM40%

Our team

Cody Fogg

Founder and CEO

Dell Stevens

President & CTO


Lee Johnson

Marketing Director


Ann Elwell

Customer Support Manager

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