Limbo Studios Inc. 2017 Update!

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May 11, 2016

Limbo Studios Inc. 2017 Update!


Hey guys,
If you haven’t already we recommend you check out our blog for more updates.

Sorry for the lack of updates about our projects. But we’ve been working hard on new projects. First off we’re almost done with Project Limbo Search. Project Limbo Search will be our new search engine. Second, we’ve been working on Limbo Tube which is almost out of beta. We still need to fix two more bugs before fully launching. Third, Limbo News has been growing faster than we could have ever imagined, so we’ll be adding more journalist to cover more stories. Fourth, Limbo Link has been a huge success, we’re so glad so many people like it! Fifth, we’ve opened up a feedback center, as a company we need your feedback so we can add features, remove features, and make our sites better for everyone. Sixth, we’ve relaunched The Limbo Studio Store, it can now be found on our company domain instead of a new domain. Seventh, we’re currently working on our new original series. The series being Alpha and We are. Eighth, we know that we don’t use our social media accounts that often, that will change starting March 7th. That does it for updates. We have a couple of new projects that we’re working on, but we don’t want to spoil anything.

~Limbo Studios Inc.

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