Limbo Analytics

Limbo Analytics is Limbo Studios Inc. Analytics platform. Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions about our Analytics.

Why do you use your own analytics platform?

So we have full control over who sees the data. If we were to use an analytics platform like google analytics, third parties (like google) can see all of your information. This protects your privacy.

What information do you collect?


You can find the information we collect in our terms of service.

Who sees this information?

The only people that are allowed to view the information are our admins. The information that the admins see is limited. The only one who has full access is our CEO.

Can I opt out of your Analytics?

Sure you can. Just go to our opt out page and click the button. This sets a cookie telling our Analytics platform that you wish to not be tracked.

My Questions isn’t here.

We’re sorry about that. You can visit our Support center, or our contact page.