Change WordPress Content

A Plugin to Change WP-Content

If you want to change your wp-content folder, you can use this plugin. You won’t find it on the WordPress repository – it’s something that we’ve made for our company, but we’ll share it online with you, too. The benefit of this plugin is that it takes exactly one click to get the entire job of renaming your wp-content directory done.

If it doesn’t work for you and your site goes “blank”, contact us quickly via Support Ticket, before you take any drastic measures (like deleting wp-config.php or something.) Nothing horrible has happened, and your blog isn’t dead, it just means that you have a theme or plugin that references “wp-content” specifically, and it’s causing the site to crash. All you have to do in this case is rename the folder back to “wp-content”, and remove one or two lines near the bottom of wp-config.

*This plugin no longer works with WordPress 5.0 and up.